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Quadrem, an international marketplace solution provider, is implementing QP's digital document exchange system. Quadrem works with suppliers in enabling e-Supply Management technology for their organizations. The steps required to complete the process are outlined below.

1. Suppliers wishing to conduct business with QP Purchasing Department are first required to register with Purchasing Department.

2. Upon completing the registration, QP Purchasing Department will authorize Quadrem to initiate the process for the supplier to use the e-Supply Management (e-SM) technology.

3. Quadrem will contact the supplier by email and begin enabling the e-SM technology for their organization.

4. The process to bring the supplier on board will include the following:

  • Quadrem will set up supplier’s e-SM account
  • Supplier will receive its e-SM logon credentials and unique Organization ID (OrgID)
  • Supplier must accept Quadrem Terms & Conditions upon first login
  • Supplier must respond to and accept the e-SM training schedule notification and information sent by Quadrem

5. Quadrem will submit the supplier’s on board confirmation to QP Purchasing Department. QP Purchasing Department will then begin sending the following purchasing documents to the supplier:

  • Request for Quotation
  • Purchase Order / Change Order
  • Order Status Request

Please ensure the completion of formalities outlined in Steps 1 to 5 to enroll in QP’s e-SM.

Note: Once the supplier is on board with Quadrem, any administrative changes to company e-mail address or contact details must be updated directly in QP’s Vendor e-Registration to ensure successful delivery of Request for Quotation, Purchase Order/Change Order and Order Status Request documents.